Our credo is to design smart devices compatible with your software!

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Partnerships to give you more peace of mind

  • We commit with our partners to carry out integrations tested well before deployments
  • Together we ensure version compatibility between their software and our hardware
  • Because we see partnership over time, we are constantly improving our integrations to respond to new challenges

Our ISV partners

NDS publishes PADS4, a software platform that deals with internal communication at the smart workspace, from flight information to boarding gate management, advertising to orientation

Navori is a CMS editor for dynamic display. Their solution is mainly deployed in businesses and points of sale

Emity is a ISV dedicated to digital signage for small and medium-sized businesses. Emity is also a service provider that develops display template based on specifications

Zebrix, which has historically focused its CMS software for digital signage on Samsung's Tizen monitors, is now compatible with Qeedji hardware

TEOS from Sony, publishes a complete workspace management platform combining dynamic signage, meeting room or office reservations as well as welcoming visitors

Jooxter reinvents the workspace with a platform dedicated to reserving spaces and optimizing them through data

Swizi, a brand of Open, brings together all the data from a location to provide the user with numerous services such as space reservations or collaborative work moments

SharingCloud offers digital solutions to meet all the challenges of a hybrid work organization (flexoffice, remote working, resource reservation, internal communication)

Hamilton Apps publishes workspace environment digitalization software for managing visitor reception, booking meeting spaces and managing flex office

Adesoft is an ISV of constrained planning software mainly used for initial and continuing training, timetables and maintenance interventions

Alcuin is a ISV of management software for training and skills development in training centers and higher education establishments

Serving many sectors of activity for 40 years, ESII offers a solution for managing queues and public reception