Our white label products

We design and produce the products, you market them under your brand

  • Quickly bring new products to market to complete your portfolio
  • Enjoy quality designs and competitive products (prices and features)
  • Inherit a large ecosystem of software partners and integrations across many industries

Your branded product in just a few weeks


  Project start

Select a product from our catalog, then let's discuss the terms of collaboration (volumes, deadlines, markets, etc.)


  Project execution

Fill out our product referencing form (EAN, logos, web portals, types of target markets, certification constraints, etc.)


  Sample Validation

Receive, within two to three weeks, a sample not intended for sale and together we work out the details of putting the product on the market (brochures, certifications, support process and RMA, etc. )


  Marketing ans sales

Receive your first series of products a few weeks later to start your marketing and your sales



Throughout the life of the product, we support you with pricing assistance and technical and regulatory assistance