SignMeeting Google Calendar


SignMeeting Google Calendar is suitable for Google Workspace calendar. SignMeeting Google Calendar does not support for Google Gmail calendar anymore.

Since October 2020, due to some changes in Google Workspace calendar, the legacy SignMeeting could not support the adding for any new resource in SignMeeting Google Calendar. To fix the issue, you have to upgrade to the SignMeeting V1.13.11.

2021-01-13 V1.13.11

  • For users having existing SignMeeting projects in the previous version SignMeeting 1.12.XX,
    • Install Screen Composer V3.20.15
    • Open your existing SignMeeting project, import the new App SignMeeting version 1.13.XX
    • To complete the migration, edit the SignMeeting's form as usual. Save the form by pressing on the Finish button and close the form.
    • Edit the SignMeeting's form once again to check the version shown in the form:
      • The label version V1.13.XX on the top right corner of the form indicates that the migration has been completed see the version
      • In case the version is still 1.12.XX, go in the Screen Composer menu Settings > Preferences > Project and App and click on the App version Upgrade button. For further information, contact
  • Fix: any new calendar resource was not supported anymore
  • Add support for Gekkota 4 devices
  • Add support for Room label display profil to support SMH300 hub paired to SLATE devices
  • Add support for an option to display each label (Room Screen display profil)
  • Add support for NFC badging with Room label display profil as well as for Room Screen display profil
  • Add support of SMTP tab (email sender configuration)
    • To know the supported authentications, please refer Gekkota application note Email and supported authentication
  • Add support for meetingControlEnOceanMotionSensor_1.13.11.js custom script allowing to check in or checkout meetings with an EnOcean presence sensor
  • Add support for screen saver feature
    • Room screen display profil profilyout:
      • Background content when there is no current meeting nor near future meeting
        • Show the screen saver after <x> min, and leave <y> min before the start of the next meeting
          • Image or video media to display
            • file selection
          • Use an interactive marker
            • Label to display
          • note: if no custom CSS has been applied, the default "Innes" logo appears on the default screen saver
    • Summary screen by event & Summary screen by resource display profil:
      • Background content when there is no current or future meeting
        • Label to display when no screen saver
        • Show the screen saver after <x> min
          • Image or video media to display
            • file selection
          • Use an interactive marker
            • Label to display
  • Add support for a background image in each Main page tab of each display profil
    • Summary screen by event
    • Summary screen by resource
    • Room screen
  • Add support in the Main page tab of the Room screen display profil for a default message to display when there is no meeting
    • Text when there is no current meeting
    • Text when there is no next meeting
  • Add support for an optional background image in the notification screen (notificationpage_background value in custom CSS)
  • Add support for modifying the Menu button title of the main screen (Room Screen display profil)
  • Add support for modifying the Notification button title of the main screen (Room Screen display profil)
  • Add support for a new variable to manage meeting organiser depending on the calendar type, whose value is retrieved from the LDAP after badging
  • Add support for new version of custom CSS supporting
    • splitter between current meeting and next meeting (adding and configuration)
    • colour configuration for the buttons: book now, confirm my presence, report as empty
    • a new default background
    • new button colours
    • a specific rendering customization per device based on their devices MAC, UUID or Hostname identification method value or on their FIELD<1..5> variable value
  • Add support for an optional background image for the screen sending the email thanks to custom CSS
  • Add support for an option for each text label to permit to activate or inactivate its display (RoomScreen display profil)
  • Add support for a free text label in the RoomScreen display profil (Menu > Notification page) allowing to display a text on the button sending a email notification
  • Add support of new Summary screen by resource display profil type
    • landscape
    • portrait
  • Add badgeID as default value for cross reference attribute field for LDAP filtering
  • Add support for a notification page in RoomScreen tab allowing to notify people by email in case issue or specific request
  • Add support of optional duration before displaying report as empty button
  • Add new date formats
    • ddd mm yyyy
    • ddd d mmmm yyyy
    • dddd mmmm yyyy
    • dddd d mmmm yyyy
    • dd mmmm yy
  • Add support of German language
  • Add support of custom Javascript file permitting to control SignMeeting buttons (JavaScript provided only for some specific customers)
  • Fix: in some case, some page containing meetings could not be displayed
  • Fix: SignMeeting could not start when the display name was not supported for a room
  • Fix: an unexpected title label with missing suffix for Book a meeting panel was displayed when the user was not authenticated
  • Fix: the meeting update was stopped in standby
  • Fix: an unexpected scroll bar could be displayed when the banner was displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Fix: when the meeting description was too long, the meeting was displayed too much on the right
  • Fix: when the banner was displayed at the bottom of the screen, a scroll bar could be displayed on the right of the banner
  • Fix: the current windows value was one day too much
  • Fix: sometimes, the second next meeting was not displayed
  • Fix: in some case, a registered player could not appear in the SignMeeting form
  • Fix: in some case, a SLATE106 could have a wrong index
  • Fix: the label of the email notification button was too large
  • Fix: add possibility to several SLATE106 device to display the information of a same room
  • Fix: time zone management
  • Fix: in some case some meetings could pass from next meeting to current meeting in late of few minutes (maximum: until refresh time)
  • Fix: Meeting was not displayed over the background for all rooms in case one all day long meeting was present in the day for one room

The checkout feature with meeting shortening only works when the meeting has been done with the Book Now button

  • Connectors :
    • Google Calendar V3 (Google G Suite / Google Workspace)
    • LDAP V3 (used by Windows Server 2000/Active directory and above Windows Server version, Briva G3 LDAP)
  • Host Software :
    • Screen Composer 3.20.15 (or above)
  • Platform targets :
    • Gekkota 4.13.14 (or above)
      • Room Label: available for SMH300
    • Gekkota 4.13.13 (or above)
      • Room Screen: available for SMT210
    • Gekkota 4.13.12 (or above)
      • Summary screen by event: DMB400, SMA300, WINDOWS platforms
      • Summary screen by resource: DMB400, SMA300, WINDOWS platforms
    • Gekkota 3.12.57 (or above)
      • Summary screen by event: DMC200, SMT210, SMA200, SMP200, SMA300, DMB300, WINDOWS platforms
      • Summary screen by resource: DMC200, SMT210, SMA200, SMP200, SMA300, DMB300, WINDOWS platforms
      • Room Screen: SMT210
      • Room Label: SMH300
  • Custom Style Sheets (CSS Styles) : 1.13.10 (or above)
  • Custom Scripts : 1.13.XX (or above)









2016-06-13 V1.12.19 download

  • Add support of vizualization of meeting scheduled accross several days, or all day long
    • Note: In this case, SignMeeting is splitting the meeting accross several days as much as there is day to display the meeting from working day start time to working day end time.
    • For example, a meeting from Monday 2:00PM to Wednesday 12:00, with working day 7:00 21:00, is splitted into 3 meetings:
      • Monday : 1st meeting from 2:00 to 21:00
      • Tuesday : 2th meeting from 7:00 to 21:00
      • Wednesday: 3rd meeting from 7:00 to 12:00
    • It is not possible to modify or delete meeting scheduled accross several days
  • Add Attribute 1 and Attribute 2 research option in interface Datasource / Advanced permitting to get additional information coming from LDAP directory (which can be inserted in the meeting title afterwards)
    • Attribute 1 and Attribute 2 can have any attributes of LDAP attribute editor. It is advised to use string or integer format
    • Even if this option is activated, in case the Attribute value is empty, that does not prevent from successful badge authentication
  • Add a tooltip to display Attribute(s) values
  • Add meeting title automatical labelling (option) based on variable (Datasource/Advanced)
    • RFID
      • ldap:rfid-tag:attribute1
      • ldap:rfid-tag:attribute2
    • USER
      • ldap:user:attribute1
      • ldap:user:attribute2
    • PIN CODE (RFU)
      • ldap:pin-code:attribute1
      • ldap:pin-code:attribute2
    • Calendar event time range
      • calendar-event:time:start
      • calendar-event:time:end
      • calendar-event:time:interval
      • calendar-event:location
    • Random number
      • math:random:2digit-number
  • Add support of new attributes in interface Room screen/Menu/meeting edition
    • number of attendees (at the right of attendees)
    • phone number*
    • entity (description)*
      • *mapping inside Google for the room categories has to be configured properly
  • Add support of option "automatic meeting cancel in case the user has not confirmed its presence after a timeout (15, 30, 45, 60 min)
    • if the current duration is less than the minimum duration, the meeting is deleted
    • else it is shortened
  • Change: Add prefix "app" for the log in console mode
  • Change hourglass rendering (gif displayed when navigating in SignMeeting menu)
  • Change: pictures are not downloaded anymore from server when not requested in SignMeeting
  • Change: calendar system connection trial design
  • Change: room is empty by report as empty
  • Change: in case once the meeting has been created with SignMeeting and if variable calendar-event:<> is used, the meeting tilte is not modified anymore according to the calendar event new start time (or new end time)
  • Fix: connection error was not well raised to the user when LDAP server was not responding
  • Fix: In console mode, check LDAP filter matching for each RFID badging
  • Fix: could not be able to collect the meeting if AVCmd profile is activated (stuck in standby mode)
  • Fix: in some rare case, on some players, could not be able to collect the meeting immediately after player reboot
  • Fix: when exiting TV screen standby, could not be able to collect the meeting until next refresh timeout (now refresh timeout is decreased to 3 minutes when screen is in standby and standby duration is upper than refresh timeout)
  • Fix: in case there is no attachments, allow display of big location name on two lines (room screen/current meeting)
  • Fix: description could overlap on confirm my presence button (room screen/current meeting)
  • Fix: sometimes new event adding pop-up was prompted instead of delete meeting pop-up (when trying to remove a meeting)
  • Fix: in case a pop-up (calendar, add, event detail) was kept opened in "book a meeting" interface, it was not closed when returning automatically to background
  • Fix: in some case, when current meeting is finished and this meeting is the last one, the meeting could remain inconsistently in next meeting
  • Screen Composer V3.20.14 (or above) Not compatible with Screen Composer V2.xx.yy
  • Gekkota 3.12.57
    • Summary screen by event: DMC200, SMA200, SMP200, SMA300, DMB300, WINDOWS platforms
    • Summary screen by resource: DMC200, SMA200, SMP200, SMA300, DMB300, WINDOWS platforms
    • RoomScreen: SMT210
    • RoomLabel: SMH300
  • LDAP V3 (used by Windows Server 2000/Active directory and above Windows Server version)
  • Briva LDAP

2015-12-07 V1.12.13 download

  • Add attendees list display with scrolling
  • Add support of a signs library (72 icons) or signs importation (for resources in summary screen)
  • Add configurable timeout to return to main page in case no user activity has been detected
  • Add support of RFID badge
    • authentication (with and without LDAP)
    • modulation type selection (permitting to focus only on some RFID badge modulation and improve RFID badge detection efficiency as well)
    • display modulation and baudrate when badging is detected (diagnostic mode activated) (requires Gekkota 3.12.25)
    • timeout deconnexion when no activity for a duration (60 sec by default)
    • automatic deconnexion when RFID badge is detected and user was previously connected
  • Add support of LDAP
    • with (or without) authentication by Distinguish Name (DN) and password (admin or any other user)
      • in case authentication anonymous, connexion as anonymous needs to be activated inside LDAP system as well
      • support error message in case LDAP connexion failure
    • RFID badge authentication by [DN + attribute]
      • support filtering by entity type in order to decrease LDAP answer time
      • support error message in case search failure
      • support optional research of LDAP user owning RFID badge in another DN
    • attribute validity (and/or)
      • activation
        • with supported format
          • vrai, yes, on, 1 (for for valid status)
          • faux, no, off, 0 (for invalid status)
      • start date / end date with supported format
        • d/m/yy
        • dd/mm/yyyy
        • Account expires timestamp (number of ns since 1st Jan 1601)
        • Active directory generalized time (ex: 20151009225600.0Z)
  • Add support of creation of several instances of different screen composition types (until 10 at all)
    • room screen
    • summary screen
      • landscape
      • portrait
  • Add possibility to remove reservation and consultation button (summary screen)
  • Add support diagnostic console mode
  • Add support new API CSS class in device edition permitting to display, when there is a meeting in room screen, to give possibility to have a CSS theme different for each player
    • require theme_css_generic-V1.10.12.css (available for download)
  • Change: implemement memory garbage collector between each page display (internal INNES)
  • Change: support new Google calendar JSON API (modification made by Google by September 2015)
    • note: does not support anymore old Google calendar API
  • Change: remove the 3 dots (...) at the end of item when its size is in overlap (CSS as well)
  • Change: display meeting creator as organizer instead of room account mail
  • Change: all error messages are now handled in pop-up
  • Change: room is emptied and confirm my presence capability
  • Change SignMeeting view
    • Default horizontal tab: server, room screen
    • Default vertical tab: Datasource, LDAP, RFID
    • Parameter button to add new instance of the different screen composition types
  • Change: reservation and consultation page is inactivated by default in summary screen
  • Change default color for return to the main page after being idle for black (instead grey)
  • Change: add automatically the scheme ldap:// when missing
  • Fix unexpected error message title Error lost translation: this.thisStr is undefined when resource is missing or when using button room is emptied and/or button confirm my presence
  • Fix: reservation and consultation page date was dynamically become SignMeeting current date (room screen)
  • Fix: theme is not displayed when background content is not checked
  • Fix: in mode 11 lignes, page was not entirely filled on all the height (only 85 %)
  • Fix: bottom of attendees text was grumbled by description in next meeting (Room screen)
  • Fix: 2th pictogram size was 10% smaller than 1st pictogram size when using pictogram from directory
  • Fix: pressing "room is emptied" the second time was doing nothing (in case reccurent meeting)
  • Fix: attendees could be displayed on 2 lines instead be scrolled on 1 line (Room screen)

2015-06-09 V1.11.17 download

  • Add confirmation screen when pressing "Room is empty" button
  • Add support "book now"
  • Add option to come back to background screen when no alarm is present ("book now" button stays available)
  • Add more debug traces for debug (try/catch especially when meeting is finished)
  • Add: return to main screen when timeout "no user activity" of screen "book a meeting" has expired (based on IDLE api)
  • Change show errors only when initializing server connection
  • Change: alarms for multi are now fixed (not configurable)
  • Change user error message when associating a same ressource twice to a player
  • Change (multi-portrait) default displayed lines number is 15 (instead of 14) when banner is present
  • Fix (multi) random banner display issue when logo is activated (linked media management)
  • Fix error message not displayed when the player not properly configured
  • Fix "Book now" button availability issue when playing with navigation menu
  • Add possibility to set position of the banner at the top (or at the bottom) of the screen.

2014-10-17 V1.10.51 download

  • Compatibility with Screen Composer 3.11.x

2014-06-03 V1.10.41

  • Add protection to prevent user from adding a meeting outside the current time range
  • Add protection to prevent free time calculation to go outside the current time range
  • Add customization of banner (mono display)
  • Add warning message in case facing configuration failure
  • Add french language
  • Add undefined resource check
  • Add new tab “Navigation” for the application parameters (for Mono and Multi)
  • Add a parameter to display (or not) the action shortcut buttons
  • Add display of app version in the Form.
  • Add scrolling for the attendees (in edit/consult meeting)
  • Add room description and room capacity
  • Improve initial loading time (in case background image displayed)
  • Change for multi display in case no meeting: do same as for mono
  • Change mono header display (two columns)
  • Change remove popup message when clicking on utility button
  • Change picto shortcuts to be light gray
  • Change enlarge and align columns (multi)
  • Fix in banner: when facing error state, the error message was not display correctly
  • Fix incorrect view in spanish and dutch player language
  • Fix scrolling error on time scale
  • Fix incorrect date format when HH:MM mmm dd yyyy was selected DapePi4e was displayed
  • Fix exception handling on DHCP when IP isn't defined yet (black screen is DHCP server is slow)
  • Fix meeting not updated
  • Fix the time range displayed as defined in the form
  • Fix font size taken into account when displaying event
  • Fix attendees list now displays the full names.
  • Fix incorrect initialization of scrolling when normally not active.
  • Fix incorrect error message on startup ('Object - Object')
  • Fix in Mono : 'Show attendees' was not kept

2014-03-10 V1.10.31

  • Initial version